Onstream Pipeline Inspection Ltd. was created in Calgary, Alberta in May 2005. Onstream set out with a mission to improve the services available for the Small Diameter Inline Inspection market. To fill this need Onstream created the Onstream Inspection System. The unit collects metal loss, inertial and geometry data in one survey.

The Onstream Inspection System has been designed using the latest technologies and high strength magnetic materials. From the 3-D modeling used for the mechanical design to the advanced high density miniature circuit boards used to acquire and store the pipeline data. The Onstream System employs some of the most innovative designs in the industry.

Onstream is committed to Customer Service. We will strive to accommodate our customers in every way possible in every stage of a project, from pre-job planning to support after final report delivery.

Street Address

Onstream Pipeline Inspection Ltd.
11055 72nd Street SE
Calgary, Alberta T2C 3G2

Phone: 403-234-8345
FAX: 403-234-9569

Canadian owned and operated