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Onstream, which offers ILI services for 3" - 36" pipelines, introduces the ultra-high resolution TriStream MFL™.

This superior measuring tool enables operators to accurately analyze metal loss within a pipeline. Triaxial sensors and algorithm technology help operators realize gains by:

  • Improving pipeline integrity enabling more informed decisions
  • Optimizing dig costs by reducing unnecessary excavate

Just like you need red, green, and blue to see a picture in full color, you need Axial, Radial, and Circumferential signal vectors to get the complete picture for Magnetic Flux Leakage (MFL) inspections of pipeline wall thickness. By measuring all three vectors, the TriStream MFL helps save valuable time and resources.

Core Benefits

The TriStream MFL™ enhances ILI accuracy and efficiency.

  • Reduce Unnecessary Excavations
    The advanced technology of the Tristream MFL allows more accurate data to be captured for clearer decision-making that makes more informed actions.
  • Make More Informed Decisions
    Enhanced measuring of metal loss in pipelines results in more informed decisions regarding maintenance and repair work that must take place following ILI.
  • Enhance Pipeline Safety
    The accurate data accrued by the TriStream MFL™ enhances safety by quickly revealing the true condition of assets.
  • Save Time
    With triaxial sensors and algorithm technology, this tool works faster than traditional ILI methods, decreasing time needed for inspection.
  • Save Money
    Operators can save money with the TriStream MFL™, which optimizes dig costs by reducing unnecessary excavations.
  • Reduce Manual Data Entry
    The rapid and digital nature of the tool records pipeline data effectively, reducing manual data entry.
  • Maximize Asset Uptime
    With unnecessary excavations avoided and faster ILI times, uptime in increased, benefitting your bottom line.
  • Support Technicians in the Field
    The tool can increase ILI efficiencies that help improve work for technicians who work with pipelines regularly.
  • Enhance Inspection Quality
    The tool helps you generate more effective, accurate, and usable data that enhances inspections and informs work.
  • Stay Ahead of Compliance Concerns
    The advanced nature of the TriStream MFL™ reveals pipeline damages that may cause more serious damage in the future, helping you stay ahead of defects before they worsen.

Key Features

The TriStream MFL™ is an expertly-developed tool that offers advanced technological features to inform ILI and maintenance decision-making for pipeline operators, managers, and integrity engineers.

  • Maximized sensor count for enhanced sizing performance
  • Highest sensor density
  • High sampling frequency
  • Increased resolution
  • Advanced neural networks

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  • To start, contact an Onstream representative today at (403) 234-8345or by clicking here .

Learn more about the benefits of the TriStream MFL™ by clicking here to download a free infographic.